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Welcome to Seattle, Washington
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We are your first source for a Washington state flyfishing guide. The first to teach you a new cast, or guide you into your first fish.

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A note from us...
Thanks for stopping by and checking out our site and services. We are based out of Seattle, but we travel around Western Washington and beyond in search of sea-run and resident fish on the fly. Washington state boasts some of the most diverse fisheries. With over twenty-five hundred miles of saltwater shoreline the Puget Sound offers a unique fishery year round. Locally we search for sea-run cutthroat, salmon, steelhead and more. Once on the water with a guide you will quickly understand what to fish, where and why. The encouragement, tenacity and attitude of our guides are upbeat and always hopeful. We are committed to giving you the best chance at all the Seattle area has to offer. Give us a call or email today for more information. Ask us where to stay, eat, shop, hike, explore or whatever. We look forward to making your trip a success!

Ryan Smith
Owner/Head Guide
888.543.4665 toll free

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